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* Creates Remote Windows Terminals (RWT) on a Windows Server 2008 or later computer. * Remotes directly from the virtual machine (RVM) on the desktop. * Configure the firewall to allow your applications to communicate on both TCP Port 443 and UDP Port 5968. * Control a remote VM from the Virtual Machine Inspector (VMI) on the desktop. * Configure the firewall to allow your applications to communicate on both TCP Port 443 and UDP Port 5968. * Interfaces the VMI on the desktop with the IRT Server and the remote RVM on the desktop. * Windows Integration the VMI with the IRT Server and the remote RVM. * Install the Remote Terminal Server (RTS) on the remote HOST server and install or create on the remote desktops one or more RWT’s. * Configure the RTS to allow your applications to communicate on both TCP Port 443 and UDP Port 5968. * Installs the Remote Desktop Services (RDSP) on the Remote HOST server. * Installs the Remote Desktop Connection (RDCC) on each Remote Windows Terminal (RWT) on the RTS. * Install and configure the following on the Remote Windows Terminals (RWT): * Remote Desktop Connection (RDCC) * Remote Desktop Enhancements (RDE) * Remote Desktop IE (RDE) * Remote Desktop Audio (RDAD) * Remote Desktop Web Access (RDC) * Remote Desktop Client (RDC) * Remote Connection Broker (RCB) * Windows Remote Assistance (WA) * Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RCI) * RTS display of all RWTs connected to the RTS via RDCC is configurable. * RTS Session Logging is configurable to help troubleshoot problems. Other: * Hardware: A supported radio and the IRT service. * Applies to a Windows Server 2008 or later computer. * Will NOT work with Windows Vista, Windows 7, or any non Windows operating system. * Does NOT work with Solaris, AIX, or Linux. * A good Internet connection is necessary to download, install, and run the software. * If you have a corporate firewall or proxy server it might be necessary to open up the appropriate ports to allow the application to communicate. Areas of Improvement: Some reported issues with installation/running of the IRT that have been found and a5204a7ec7

The Internet Remote Toolkit is a suite of programs that provide high quality, easy-to-use Remote Control of radio stations, Amateur Radio repeaters, APRS stations, APRS traffic and SatNets from ANY computer with Internet access. SmartTuner is a software-based tuner that makes the radio more user-friendly and easier to use. The application is especially useful for portable handheld transceivers, but can be used with any RF transceiver. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It can also be downloaded to a PC directly from Smart-SDR is a software-based software-defined radio that provides a means to acquire a frequency-modulated (FM) signal from any radio with an RF front-end, although it is mainly designed to use the SDRplay software. The software was designed and developed by Pulse Tech with support from the Internet Station Identification Association (ISIA). Smart-SDR is licensed as freeware and completely free of charge, non-proprietary, and has no advertisements or limitations of use. The software contains an ARM processor-based DSP for processing the incoming signals. The output is fed back into the digital-to-analog converter, allowing the radio to work as an ADC for a variety of other processors in addition to the ARM processor. This system allows multiband software-defined radios that were previously not possible to perform. PulseFM is a media player for the software-defined radio, similar to the Windows Media Player, but designed to be specific for SDRplay's software-defined radio and to include the necessary codecs to decode the software defined radio RF signal (SDM-PSK, ADSB, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4, MIDI, etc.) Infernal Radio provides two-way messaging, and remote control via the web or email. It was written by the KONPAN group with features similar to WATTSIGN. See also SDRplay software-defined radio References External links Smart-SDR Website SmartTuner Website Internet Remote Toolkit (IRT) Website Pulse-FM Website WebSocket App Development with node.js, Socket.IO, and Node Websockets Pulse-FM for Web Console for Smart-SDR (Browser based) WebSocket App Development with node.js, Socket.IO


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